What can I do to stop being depressed?

So you are feeling depressed and want to do something about it. But where do you start? Let’s find out how you can help turn things around

Being depressed is not fun, and anyone that has been depressed in the past knows that you would do anything you can to help yourself to feel happy again. So what are some of the proven yet simple things you can do to stop feeling depressed? Take some time to read and put in place some of the things mentioned below.

Stop blaming yourself, or others for anything bad that has happened in your life

This is the first step and it may surprise you. What effect does this have on being depressed? Let me tell you it’s a big one. You might blame something that happened, or someone for what they said, or yourself for not making the right choices, but these are all a waste of energy and help create negative thoughts. You also need to remove any jealousy or envy you have towards another person. You know what I mean. Don’t look at someone else and say how they have it easy, or they don’t know what it’s like. Be happy for them, because if you can share in their joy and happiness, then that can bring you happiness too right? Even if it’s only a little, it’s much better than creating negative thoughts.

Start showing gratitude

This is one that I struggled to see the meaning behind when I was learning about positive living. Surely being grateful won’t do anything important. Actually I was really wrong on this one (gratefully). Being grateful tricks your mind into thinking that everything is positive and happy. Some people say that if you are truly grateful, you cannot be depressed at the same time. I do agree because being grateful effectively means that you are happy for what you have got – where as depression is where you are not happy with what you have got or what situation you are in. Everyone reading this post has something to be grateful for. You own a phone or computer to be able to read this post. Only fifty years ago this would have been impossible. What a time to be alive right? What about to be grateful for just being alive? Start with writing one thing that you are grateful for each morning when you wake up. When you are advanced, start looking at every situation and what you are grateful (even the bad things that happen, what did you learn etc). Find out more about ways to be grateful by clicking here.

Exercise daily and start a balanced, healthy diet

This is not a new one. You can find enough info on why this is important, but I want to emphasize that this has a huge effect on your mental health. Positive living and wellness, are all about the body, mind and soul. What you feed your body, how you treat your body, and how you treat your mind are all massively important to your overall well being. A minimum of 30 minutes per day, every day of exercise to help overcome depression. Read up on what diet will work for you, but some tips are to cut back on coffee and sugary food and drinks, eat lots of complex carbs, good fats, vegetables, proteins and the good fatty foods. If you want to get the right advice, see a dietitian to get you on track with a meal plan. I have worked with dietitians before and I know that setting up the right meal plan for you is extremely important for your mental health.

Spend time with family and friends, and seek professional help if needed

I know that when you are depressed you want to be alone and away from the spotlight, but unfortunately this is just going to make it worse. Your well-being totally depends on social interaction. Even if you are an introvert it is still important to engage with your friends or those you love. Start with small steps, maybe a one on one catch up with a close friend. Take small steps but I can assure you that this is a key. Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed that you are feeling depressed, your friends and family love you and will do anything to help, just like you would do for them.

Spend time doing hobbies and having a laugh

Life is ultimately about having as many fun and fulfilling experiences as possible. When you are depressed, why do we stop doing the things that we enjoy doing? This is something that you need to get back into. Let’s say you enjoy the beach, but because you are depressed you know it won’t be as fun. Well that’s true, but it will be more fun than staying at home repeating your negative thoughts. Even if you have 20% of the fun you would normally have, it still is fun, which releases endorphins, which are crucial to helping you overcome depression. Your brain has been starved of endorphins, so anything will do. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and I agree. Put on a funny movie, have a laugh with a friend, laugh at yourself. Your laughs might not be the loudest at first, but you will get there in time.

Get started today on improving your mental health to stop feeling depressed

The simplest, yet hardest part, is to get started. Not later today, or tomorrow, get started now! Choose which of the above items you are going to do right now and get started. I know it’s hard, but once you get the ball rolling the rest will fall into place. It’s not going to be an easy journey I know, but they say the journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step. So what are you waiting for? Go out and be happy. Remember you can always seek professional help when needed. Please like and share this post to help spread the word – you never know who you might be helping by making them aware of this post…

About the author – Stef – Mental Health Advocate

Stef is a mental health advocate who dedicates much of his free time to improving his own and others mental health. Click here to have a read about Stef’s story and why he is so passionate about mental health, wellness and positive living.

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