Man, it’s ok to be depressed

Men around the world, its ok to be depressed. Your mental health is something to embrace, but how do you get started?

For too long men around the world have felt like they need to be strong, and that feelings of depression are a sign weakness. This is not true and it is time to understand that it is totally fine to feel depressed. There are things that you can do to help improve your mental health.

Man, time to understand that it is ok to be depressed

Just because you are man this does not mean that you cannot be depressed. Studies show that most people go through some form of anxiety or depression throughout their lives. So why can’t this happen to you? Accept that you are feeling depressed and put your focus towards what you can do to start making things better.

You are in charge of your own mental health

In many cases of depression or mental health challenges, there is an underlying issue that has caused you to feel that way. A break up with a girlfriend, challenges at work, not feeling like you have a purpose. Whilst these things are hard to deal with, you are in control. I know it feels like you are not in control, but you are.

It is ok to share your feelings with others

As a man we feel like we need to be strong and cannot show any weakness. This is one of the biggest problems with us men. We need to be able to show that we are feeling depressed, tell a friend, a family member. Anyone. Not only will getting it off your chest really help, but you will find that others might have gone through similar situations and may be able to help. Remember, most people go through some form of depression in their life, so no one is going to look down on you for feeling that way. They will look up to you for being able to acknowledge your feelings and share them with others to seek help.

Women will not find you weak because of your mental health challenges

This is another big problem I see with men. We feel like we can’t share our mental health issues with women, and this is totally wrong. Women want us to show that we too are vulnerable and open to sharing our feelings. Remember there is a big difference between being physically strong and emotionally strong! And to be emotionally strong, this means you need to able to share your feelings. This is also a key part of overcoming depression by letting it out and not being ashamed of it. Depression is a part of life, just like feeling happy. Life has its ups and its downs.

Go out and make your mental health a priority

To all the men out there, I hope this post has given you the confidence to embrace your feelings and share them with others. Know that mental health challenges are not a weakness, it is something that everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. Find out more about beating depression and living a positive life by subscribing to the blog – just fill in your email address into the form on this page and you will stay up to date each time I upload a post to improve our mental health!

About the author – Stef – Mental Health Advocate

Stef is a mental health advocate who dedicates much of his free time to improving his own and others mental health.  Please subscribe to the blog – just fill in your email address into the form on this page and you will stay up to date each time I upload a post to improve our mental health! Follow me on Instagram for inspiring mental health posts. Click here to check out my Insta and remember to click follow! 

23 thoughts on “Man, it’s ok to be depressed

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    • Hi! To be honest I don’t have any kids so I don’t want to give you the wrong advice. However I would say that it is important to get help. Maybe speak to other mums, I am guessing there might be some online forums you can go to, maybe post some of your challenges on there and see if anyone can help. All the best with your kids I am sure it will be very rewarding when you get to watch them grow up 🙂


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