Why Am I So Anxious?

Why am I so anxious and what can I do to reduce my anxiety?

You are anxious. Whether you know it or not, something is on your mind that is making you feel this way. It is ok. Read this post to find out why you may be anxious and what you can do to reduce your anxiety.

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You have the fear of failure

The fear of failure can be crippling to some – I know this more than anyone. Whether it is the fear of failing a relationship, a job or something important in life, the fear of failure is always present. The biggest thing to understand with the fear of failure is that everyone fails. Do you expect to go through life with a 100% perfect record without failure? Of course not! So why do you fear failure? Learn to accept and embrace failure. Treat failure as a learning and something you can use to become a better person. Find out more about why failure is good for your mental health by reading this important post.

You don’t want to get hurt

You have been hurt before and you are too scared to get hurt again. I know that getting hurt sucks, but this is life. You are going to have tremendous highs and devastating lows. Having a fear of getting hurt means that you are going to put off doing things that may excite you or help you grow as a person. Are you hurting yourself by not taking on these risks? Of course you are! So you might as well get out there and live your life. Practice putting yourself out there and throw out the fear of getting hurt.

You are a control freak

This is one of my biggest things to overcome with anxiety. You want to control everything and you THINK that if you are in control, everything will be ok. Well unfortunately that is not the case. You are likely to make the same mistakes as anyone else and having such a tight grip on things means that you are actually more likely to stuff it up! Loosen up and leave certain things to the universe to sort out. Know that you cannot control anything or anyone in life. You can influence yes, but only someone else can decide how they want to behave. Give up control and learn to let life play out.

You are overworked, stressed or tired

You have been going too fast. You have taken on too much and your load is too much to bear. The thought of all the things you have to do are playing in the back of your mind and bringing on this anxiety. If you were sitting on a beach on holiday with no responsibilities and nothing to do, this anxiety would relinquish in a second. You need to find a way to lessen your load. Delegate. Stop trying to be everything to everyone and give love to yourself.

You are not working on your mental health

You are anxious because you have not actively worked on your mental health. You are not taking time to reflect on why you are anxious. You make excuses and move on with the rest of your day without acknowledging that you have to overcome this anxiety. No longer will you put anxiety aside. Now is the time to take action for your anxiety. You can start by reading this post about 5 ways to stop feeling anxious.

What Can I do to reduce my anxiety?

There are heaps of ways to help reduce your anxiety. Some of the techniques work on cooling and calming your mind, while other tools are there to help you uncover why you are anxious and how you can replace the negative thoughts which are leading you to feel that way. Check out the below to start your journey to smash your anxiety!


Meditation is a great way to calm your mind. It is one of the easiest, simplest things you can do to help stop the ruminating and replay of negative thoughts. You can find a quiet spot, relax and listen to your breathing. Not only will it help slow down and calm your mind, but it will give you a good chance to release the tension that has been built up throughout the day (weeks, months and years). Scientific studies show that meditation works, so why not give it a go? Just go on YouTube and search for a 5 minute relaxing meditation to get started. Meditating twice a day will be a great way to reduce your anxiety levels over time.

Stop taking life so seriously. Laugh!

I know this sounds silly but it really works. If you didn’t take yourself seriously and you found a way to find the humour in any situation, you would never be anxious. Of course we need to work towards goals and have meaning, but ask yourself if it really matters if something goes wrong? You will get through it. You have had challenges in the past and you beat them. You will beat any new challenges that come your way too. Laugh. Laughing releases so much tension and stress. Put something funny on the TV if you have to. Find the funny side and try not to take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive anyway!

Find out the REAL reasons why you are anxious

This is another tough question to ask. Is your anxiety due to an upcoming deadline or something to do with money? Or is it because of something else in your life that you have suppressed for too long? What are you really anxious about? Check out this post on anxiety and how to beat it to help you on your journey.

See a psychologist

A psychologist can change your life. We need to learn to remove any negative associations we have towards a psychologist. No you are not weak. No you are not crazy. You are a person who wants to actively improve their mental health. You can applaud yourself for that. A psychologist will help you uncover the real reasons why you are anxious and help you with tools and coping mechanisms to help you get better. A psychologist is your coach and here to help you reach a new personal best with your mental health.

Get started on reducing the power of your anxiety

Anxiety is something we can all overcome. I have been there. The key to smashing anxiety is finding out the real reasons of why you are anxious and working on that first. It is also important to work on calming and slowing your mind. If you work on it as much as you can I know you will make progress. Never give up. Feel free to comment below with some of the things that help you reduce your anxiety – remember we are all on this journey together so what works for you might also work for someone else.

About the author – Stef – Mental Health Advocate

I am a published author with my book, Redesign Your Mind. I write to help people with their mental health. Through my story I hope to help others on their journey. Click here to find out more about my book, Redesign Your Mind and how you can order a copy through Amazon. A portion of every sale is donated to mental health organisations to help raise awareness of positive mental health.

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