How Do I beat Depression?

Question: I am depressed and I need to know how to beat depression.

The question on how to beat depression is all too common these days. The bad news is that you are depressed. The good news is that there is something you can do about it! Get started on some of the things below! If you like this post and want to read more of my writing, check out my book, Redesign Your Mind – which is about living as a young person and overcoming challenges of anxiety, depression and negative thinking. It is my story, and includes some of the reasons how I overcame being so nervous as well. Click here to check it out.

Work on your mental health

Your mental health is the most important thing you can work on in your life. I don’t care how successful you are, how much money you have in the bank or how many insta followers you have – your mental health is all that matters. If you are happy and in a good place mentally, then nothing else matters. Actively pursuing The Wellness of Health is going to be the best thing you can do for your life. Get started today and never look back. If you like this post, go to my personal Insta page by clicking here to see more good content and get in touch. Remember to click follow when you get there! If you like this post, go to my personal Insta page by clicking here to see more good content and get in touch. Remember to click follow when you get there!

DO NOT stop socialising or seeing friends and family

I know that when you are depressed you don’t want to see friends and family. You don’t want to go out and socialise. You no longer feel worthy of going out in public. You feel ashamed and embarrassed to be seen. I know it is not easy. We have to push through and understand that sitting at home is only going to make things worse. Getting out of our comfort zone will not only help us grow back into our old selves, but it will also help us by having fun, sharing new experiences and seeing the people we love.


Yes I know that exercising is not everyone’s favourite thing to do, but I can tell you that studies show that exercising for 30 minutes per day reduces depression by 20%. That is huge! Just by exercising for 30 minutes out of a 24 hour day you can go a long way to beating depression. Find what works for you. Whether it is a team sport, yoga, pilates, running, swimming, weights, anything! You will feel great physically which will help mentally. Oh yea I am sure you will look great too, which also helps the mental health with an improved physique..

Cultivate A Positive Mindset

Are you negative? Are you speaking to yourself or about yourself in a negative way? If so, it is time to swap that negative chatter box for uplifting, positive self talk. Cultivating a positive mindset takes time, but it will be worth it. Start looking for the positive in every situation. Showing gratitude is massively important in creating a happy, healthy mindset. You can’t be depressed, envious and disappointed if you are grateful for what you have got…

See a psychologist and Get Help

Why is it that everyone thinks that seeing a psychologist is such a bad thing? Why is it that if you have a personal trainer in the gym, that is cool. But if you have a personal trainer for your mind, well that is sad. No longer will you give in to societies opinions on how the world works, from now on you will do what will help you. If you have never seen a psychologist, give it a go. If you find one that you can relate to, maybe they will change your life. Look at a psychologist as a personal trainer for your mind. They will help coach you can get your mind in the best shape it has ever been in!

Remove the pressure of wanting to get better

One of the best things I did was not care anymore about being depressed. The moment I didn’t care anymore, the pressure released and I felt like I could get on with my life. I no longer cared about what people would think about me, what they would say about me, or how I was perceived. Statistics show that 3 million Australian’s (out of 24 million) are currently living with mental health issues. You are not alone, so never be embarrassed or disappointed because you suffer from depression. Chances are most people you know have suffered, are suffering or will suffer from depression in the future. Why not let yourself heal at your own pace and watch the weight lift from your shoulders.

Write a journal and write out your thoughts

Writing a journal is a great way to let all of the negativity out. It will help you move on from your depression and move forward with your life. Sometimes it is hard to talk to people, so writing it out is the only way we can let it out. Write, write and write. You can also write your thoughts out and rationalise them with responses. If you have a negative thought, write it down and then rewrite the thought with something more positive, or at least constructive. Over time your mind will start to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. This can take a while so make sure you stick to it. Practice for at least 15 minutes morning and night, and watch how these actions will change your life within a month.

Those are some of the ways to beat depression

Depression is hard, I know. There are times where it seems like the mountain in front of you is too big to climb, but I can tell you that you can do it! Start your journey of a thousand miles with one small step. That is all you need to do. Tell yourself that it will all be worth it one day when you are enjoying life again. I know you can do it. Believe and grow, I know you can do it. Feel free to comment with ways that you beat depression – we are all here to help each other and appreciate your comments and stories.

About the author – Stef – Mental Health Advocate

I am a published author with my book, Redesign Your Mind. I write to help people with their mental health. Through my story I hope to help others on their journey to a positive mindset. Click here to find out more about my book, Redesign Your Mind and how you can order a copy through Amazon. A portion of every sale is donated to mental health organisations to help raise awareness of positive mental health!

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