Why Am I So Angry?

Why am I so angry and what can I do to calm down?

You are angry. You might blow up from time to time and you can’t help but lose your temper. It is time to find out why you are angry and what you can do about it. KEEP CALM and read this post!

You are frustrated

Something is not the way it should be. You are frustrated by some kind of stress or event in your life that is causing your anger to build. If everything was perfect there would be no need to be angry. Find out that is causing you to feel frustrated and work on solving it right away.

You have a short fuse

You might have been told this before, but have you accepted that you have a short fuse? Have you actively paid attention to how you can tend to let your anger build unnecessarily quick? Yea we have all had a time where we snap for no good reason, but you need to understand that you have a problem that you need to work on.

You are not happy with your life

Ouch. We are getting deep with this one, but it needs to be said. Are you angry because you are not happy with your life? Are you jealous or envious of others? Are you unhappy with a decision you made in the past? Did you fail at something that you can’t let go of. Maybe you need to learn to let go. Maybe you need to understand that failure is actually good for your mental health. Maybe you need to work on what can actually make you happy going forward to release your anger.

You are entitled

Oh wow this really hits home. Could it be that your anger is built up because you feel entitled? Is it because you feel that everything should go the way you want it to? When things don’t go your way do you instantly feel the rage build up inside? Maybe it is time for you to start with the Wellness of Health and start your journey to build a positive mindset. You are not entitled to anything. Regardless of what you have achieved in the past or your status in life, entitlement is just something in our own minds. Learn to accept life and learn to build from anything shit that happens, instead of getting angry about it. Because one thing I can guarantee is that shit will happen, so you might as well learn how to KEEP CALM and deal with it.

You think that your actions have no consequences

You don’t understand or respect that your anger is causing you and those around you not to be happy. Whilst this may just be ignorance (which is bliss), it is still something that you need to show respect to others for. Your anger is creating a negative vibe that has consequences, regardless of whether you feel it or not. You need to understand that releasing this anger will work wonders for you, your relationships and your happiness.

You are not working on your mental health

You are angry because you are out of balance. You are not actively working on your mental health and you are not being grateful for what you have already got. Showing gratitude is something simple that you can do to help release your anger and you can find out more by checking out this post. It is time for you to start paying attention to your anger and working on what you can to improve your happiness.

What Can I do to get Better?

Ok after reading all of that maybe you have worked up a bit of anger? Hopefully not haha! You are angry and I know it is not something that you want to feel for the rest of your life. It is time to do something about it. KEEP CALM and get started on the below right away.


I am sure many angry people meditate daily…NOT! I know that meditation is not for everyone but the science is out there and the results are in – meditation can save your life. Not only will it help slow down and calm your mind, but it will give you a good chance to release the tension that has been built up throughout the day (weeks, months and years). Just go on YouTube and search for a 5 minute relaxing meditation to get started. Doing this twice a day will be great, or any time you get angry!


Nothing releases the anger better then beating the crap out of a boxing bag. Throw as many punches and kicks as you can until you can’t throw any more. Release your frustrations by running as fast as you can. Do whatever it takes to smash out your tension. If you stay inside and build up your anger day in, day out without releasing it, your anger harbours inside of you and eats away until you snap. Find a way to exercise and not only will you release the tension, but your body will be better able to cope with the stresses of life that build up your anger.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is another practice that is great for releasing anger and beating depression. I know it is not for everyone, but find a way to give it a go. You can find a good beginners video on YouTube that can allow you to do it in your own home, otherwise go to a class and give it a shot. The mind-body connection is so strong and it is all about releasing your tension in a spiritual, mental and physical way. Yoga will help you do this.

Find out the REAL reasons why you are angry

This is another tough question to ask. Are you really angry about the fact that your partner forgot to bring home the milk? Or is it because of something else in your life that you have suppressed for too long? What are you really angry about? Are you struggling to deal with change in life? Uncover the real reasons of your anger and learn not to take out your frustrations on other people or situations in your life.

See a psychologist

I know that seeing a psychologist is not on everyone’s list of things to do in life – but they can be amazing for your mental health! A psychologist will help you uncover the real reasons why you are angry and help you with mental exercises to help release the anger. Think of a psychologist as a personal trainer for your mind. They are your coach and here to help you reach a new personal best with your mental health.

Remove yourself from the negative environment / cause

Once you are practicing all of the above tools and techniques to help release your anger, if you are STILL ANGRY, I would say that the last thing you can do is remove yourself from the negative environment or cause of the anger. Maybe you are doing everything right and your anger is just the result of a negative relationship, a job you don’t like or a situation you want to get out of. If this is the case, then you need to remove yourself from this environment as quickly and efficiently as you can. You are the most important thing in your life and it is up to you to put yourself in an environment that you are happy with.

Yes you are angry but you can release your anger

I am sure that was an eye opener for everyone, but sometimes the harsh things need to be said. Not everyone wants to do everything on the list of things to reduce your anger, but I assure you that if you stick to the task, your anger will reduce. Feel free to comment below with some of the things that help you reduce your anger – remember we are all on this journey together so what works for you might also work for someone else.

About the author – Stef – Positive Living and Mental Health Advocate

Stef is a positive living and mental health advocate who dedicates much of his free time to improving his own and others mental health. Never miss a post by subscribing to the blog for free. Just pop your email address into the form on this page to sign up! Go to our instagram account @wellnesshealth17 by clicking here to see regular posts on Stef’s own mental health journey!

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