Why Am I So Nervous?

Why am I so nervous and what can I do to stop the nerves?

You are nervous! Whether it is a constant battle of nerves or just being nervous at particular events, being nervoussucks. Read this post to find out why you may be nervous and what you can do to smash it.

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You fear failure

Yes the fear of failure is real. The fear of failure will make you nervous. That said the fear of failure is an illusion in your mind. Failure is nothing but a lesson learnt. You cannot expect to go through your whole life without learning a few lessons, and failure is going to be a big part in teaching you them. Click here to find out more on why failure is actually good for your growth and mental health.

You don’t want to be embarrassed

Being embarrassed sucks. No one wants to be the joke of the party or labelled as a ‘loser’. The fear of these things happening brings out our nerves and gives us  fear like no other. We need to learn to accept embarrassment and have a laugh about it. Find the funny side to it and watch the nerves go away.

You are scared of being hurt

No one wants to be hurt. Nerves come because we fear that something bad is going to happen and we think we might get hurt. Bad things will happen in life, we have to accept that. But fearing the bad things and being hurt is wasted energy.

You have a big ego

You might not agree with me at first but I am sure some of you are guilty of this – I know I was! Are you nervous because you fear what will happen to your reputation if things do not go to plan? Are you concerned with your image not living up to expectations? No one is more special than the next person so we must learn to accept that we too will have embarrassing and or bad things happen to us.

You care too much about what other people think

You base much of your happiness and self worth on what other people say about you. Even if you know you are a good person, you care too much about what someone else says about you. Learn to accept that people are going to say good and bad things about you no matter what happens – so you might as well just live your life the way you want to live it without caring about what they think.

What Can I do to stop being nervous?

There are heaps of ways to help calm your nerves. Check out a few of the tools and techniques I find really helpful to overcome nervousness.

Act as If

‘Act as If’ is a tool that helps me get through many challenges. When you are nervous, you can ‘Act as if’ you are not nervous. Act as if you don’t care. Act as if you are a superhero. Act as if you are a rock star. Act as if you are already successful. Act as if everyone in the crowd wants to be your friend. You can apply it to anything! Its kind of like ‘faking it until you make it’ but it has real power when you take on the persona of someone that you believe is confident. Use it when you need to get through big moments of nerves.

Stop taking life so seriously. Laugh!

We all take life too seriously. We need to understand that we aren’t going to come out of it alive anyway, so you might as well have a laugh about it! Laughter fuels your soul and helps relieve the tension and pressure of nerves and anxiety. Have a laugh about it and remove the pressure from the situation.

Put yourself in more situations that make you nervous

I know that it sounds scary, but you have to put yourself in these situations more and more to help build up your tolerance to nerves. The more you experience nerves, the less you will fear nerves, ultimately reducing its power and hold over you. Practice putting yourself out there and getting out of your comfort zone – it will help you grow as a person and smash any nerves in the long run. Not to mention it will also mean that you are living an exciting life by trying more new things and putting yourself out there.

Find out the REAL reasons why you are nervous

This is another tough question to ask. Is there an underlying reason as to why you are nervous? Is there something playing on your mind that is bring out the nerves. Find out the reason and work on what you can do to change it. You could even see a psychologist if you want help uncovering the real reasons why you are nervous. Check out this post to help you overcome nerves and anxiety for more info.

Stop the nerves!

Being nervous is something that we can all overcome. Never give up. Feel free to comment below with some of the things that help you reduce your anxiety – remember we are all on this journey together so what works for you might also work for someone else.

About the author – Stef – Mental Health Advocate

I am a published author with my book, Redesign Your Mind. I write to help people with their mental health. Through my story I hope to help others on their journey to a positive mindset. Click here to find out more about my book, Redesign Your Mind and how you can order a copy through Amazon. A portion of every sale is donated to mental health organisations to help raise awareness of positive mental health!

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