What is Depression and how do I Beat it? – Insights from the book ‘Redesign Your Mind’

What is depression and how do I beat it? Why Is this happening to me and what can I do about it?

Dealing with depression is a challenging experience – especially if you do not actually know what it is and how it can affect you. Stefan Miraglia, author of Redesign Your Mind: Tools and Inspiration for Positive Mental Health shares some of his insights from his book to help you on your journey to beating depression.Depression does not mean that you are broken

One of the biggest challenges I had when I was depressed was thinking that I was broken. I felt like there was something wrong with me and that I couldn’t be fixed. This is definitely not true. Many people go through depression at some stage of their lives, and with everything going on in the world at the moment, you are definitely not alone. Depression is a feeling that you are having at this time of your life. It may have just come about by itself or it may have been a result of something that happened in your life. Either way, make sure you refer to the below point..

It is ok to be depressed

The next challenge I had was that I thought it ‘was not ok to be depressed’. I thought that I was behaving badly. I thought I had to fix myself straight away. I wanted to get out of depression so badly that my negative thoughts held me there for longer. Acknowledge that you are depressed and accept that you may have these challenging feelings for a while. Tell yourself that it is ok to be depressed. Don’t beat yourself up. Click here to check out ‘man, it is ok to be depressed’ for more info on acceptance of depression.

Depression is not a lifetime sentence

‘Depression is a short-term pain that we never need to treat with a lifetime sentence’.

This is a quote that I love from the book. I know how hard it can be when you are depressed, but remember that it will not last forever. Just like everything else in life, it will pass in time. There is no need to take any permanent action for a feeling that is temporary. Get help from a family member, friend, medical professional or suicide support line if you are having dark thoughts. Getting help is a great positive step to beating depression.

Many good things happen later in life

Another reason why I felt depressed was because I thought the good times were over. I was only in my late 20’s yet I thought that there was not going to be any more positive experiences ahead. Depression can do that to you. It’s ok, just remember that there is still plenty of time for more good times and positive experiences in the future, even if you spend some time being depressed. I mentioned in the book how Samuel L Jackson’s first big movie came out when he was in his 40’s. Charles Darwin published one of his greatest pieces on the theory of evolution in his 50’s. Colonel Sanders franchised KFC in his 60’s! Who is to say that your best times aren’t in front of you?  This is just a speed bump in the road. Get excited for the future.

There are things you can do to reduce depression

In the book I talk about some of the things that helped me with depression. Some of them are clinically proven, others just worked for me. I am sure you will find your own things that work for you, but the most important thing is to try. For example exercise is proven to reduce depression by 20%. That is huge! For me, writing out my thoughts and replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts really helped too. I also talk about how a psychologist can really put you on the right track if you find one that is right for you – I even call them ‘personal trainers for the mind’  (you’ll know why if you’ve read it).

Work on your Mindset or Your Environment

In the book I talk about changing your mindset or changing your environment. Sometimes we need to look hard at ourselves and work out if we are in the right frame of mind or the right environment. This might involve changing things such as what you do for a living, finding more time for your hobbies and passions, enjoying more time with those that you love, and potentially redesigning how you think about certain things in life.

Remember, you can beat depression!

Hopefully some of the above has helped you on your journey to understanding and beating depression. Like what you read? Then click here to go to find out more about the book and where you can purchase your copy of Redesign Your Mind: Tools and Inspiration for Positive Mental Health (available on Amazon, Audible, i-Tunes and Kindle). A portion of every sale is donated to a mental health organisation. Remember to get help from a medical professional to have your mental and physical health assessed. Speak up and get help from friends and family where you can – if they are not available or you do not feel comfortable, there are numerous support help lines available in your local country. Check the web to find some support services near you and get in touch.

About the author – Stef – Positive Living and Mental Health Advocate

I am a published author with my book, Redesign Your Mind.  I write to help people with their mental health. Through my story I hope to help others on their journey to a positive mindset. Click here to find out more about my book, Redesign Your Mind and how you can get (or listen to) your copy today. A portion of every sale is donated to a mental health organisation to help support the mental health cause.

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