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Wellness of Health is the blog page of Wellness Blogger Stefan Miraglia, author of Redesign Your Mind: Tools and inspiration for positive mental health.

My name is Stef and welcome to my blog! This blog is a site for my book about my story on mental health – Redesign Your Mind. We are all mental health and wellnesson our own journey to find lasting happiness. But how do we get there? In a world with so many challenges it is easy to lose your way and allow negativity, anxiety and depression to set in. I know because I have been there. Whether you want to smash anxiety, beat depression, create a positive mindset or learn to love your mental health – this blog will have something in it for you! I spent two years writing my book, Redesign Your Mind which is helping people on their journey to overcoming depression and anxiety, and building a positive mindset.  

Redesign Your Mind

My new book, Redesign Your Mind is now here!

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Watch the video to find out more about how you too can Redesign Your Mind and how I am donating a portion of each sale to a mental health organisation that you can choose.


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