Redesign Your Mind – The Podcast

A podcast for those looking to improve their mental health, find meaning and listen to real honest conversations

Wellness Blogger and Mental Health Advocate Stefan Miraglia hosts the new podcast, Redesign Your Mind. The Podcast is about to be launched on all major platforms including Apple i-Tunes and Spotify. For now, you can listen to the podcast on the website using the player below.

#12 – Settling is not an option – with Adam Redesign Your Mind

Thanks for listening to the Redesign Your Mind podcast – where we have real conversations around mental health, self-improvement and how we can find more meaning in our lives. Today's guest is Adam from the 'Settling is not an option podcast'. Adam talks about his life path and change from a banker working at Nab to a wellness blogger. Adam does not settle and he shares his story in this episode so you know that you don't need to settle either. Please follow Stefan and Redesign Your Mind on social media and remember to subscribe on the website for email updates. You can get in contact with any questions using the links below: Email: Wellnessblog17@gmail.com Website: https://wellnessofhealth.com/ Redesign Your Mind – the book: https://wellnessofhealth.com/redesign-your-mind-book/ Insta: https://www.instagram.com/redesignyourmindblog/ Insta: @redesignyourmindblog Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redesignyourmind.and.mentalhealth Twitter: https://twitter.com/stefm88 YouTube: Redesign Your Mind Disclaimer: The host is not a health care professional or medical professional and the contents of this show are for informational purposes only. The content of the show is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any health concern must be assessed by a doctor. If you think you require assessment, call your doctor or local emergency department immediately. Reliance on any information provided by the host, guests or the show in general is solely at your own risk.
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What type of Podcast is Redesign Your Mind?

Redesign Your Mind is a podcast which is about real conversations around mental health, finding meaning and improving ourselves. Conversations around anxiety, depression, and how we can deal with mental health challenges will be the centre of the show.

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