Redesign Your Mind Self-Help Book

Redesign Your Mind: tools and inspiration for positive mental health – a self-help book to help you smash anxiety and beat depression

Wellness Blogger and Mental Health Advocate Stefan Miraglia presents his debut book, Redesign Your Mind: Tools and Inspiration for Positive Mental Health. The book is available for purchase from Amazon or Kindle (read below for Amazon links). You can also listen to the book on Audible or i-Tunes! A portion of every sale will be donated to mental health organisations, helping end the mental health stigma and help future generations cultivate positive mental health.

What type of Book is Redesign Your Mind?

Dubbed the ‘self-help book written by a millennial, for millennials’, Stefan aims to help his generation beat anxiety, depression and negative thinking by creating their own positive mindset. The book has Stefan’s very personal story and the tools he used to help overcome these challenges.

Where can I buy Redesign Your Mind?

Click on one of the links below to purchase the book through Amazon. You can also buy it on Kindle! Please show your support and leave a review once you have read the book! You can also listen to the book on Audible or i-Tunes.

*Australian Readers* Click here to buy the book through Amazon

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*UK Readers* Click here to buy the book through Amazon

If your country is not listed above. Please search on your local Amazon site.

What Have Readers said about ‘Redesign Your Mind’?

‘Creates awareness of the important things in life, then understanding and being grateful for wherever that takes you’. DANIEL MENZEL – AFL FOOTBALLER & MTMF FOUNDER

‘Life is about change. How we handle that change is what determines our long term happiness. This book is amazing because it talks us through challenges like anxiety and depression, while giving us tools to adapt to the inevitable change that life brings.’ DR KATHERINE HUNT – LECTURER, PhD BPyschSc BCom BFin

‘A bold, raw, authentic and holistic account on how to overcome depression and anxiety. Miraglia provides practical step-by-step guides on how to transmute seemingly negative experiences into a powerful, fulfilling and spiritually-rich life’. CATHY DOMONEY – AUTHOR, MIRACLEREADYMINDSET.COM

‘It is time to pause the chase after money, success and love. Time to pause the stress and pressure that it brings. It is time to enjoy the moment and look for our happiness. We believe by having everything we have the control, why don’t we “stay in control by giving it up”? This book is the perfect tool that teaches us step by step how we can change our negative mindset into a positive outlook.’ NATHALIE BOTROS, ‘THE BON-VIVANT GIRL’ –  HEALTH COACH, PSYCHOTHERAPIST & AUTHOR

You can also contact Stef on his Insta @redesignyourmindblog or Facebook Blog Page to share your story and help end the mental health stigma. Stef loves collaborating with like-minded mental health advocates and ‘normal people’ just like him who want to speak up for the cause. Get in contact with Stef to share your story. So what are you waiting for? Get reading and start the journey to Redesign Your Mind!