About me

Find out about Stef – Author of Redesign Your Mind: Tools and Inspiration for Positive Mental Health

Welcome to my mental health blog. This is like no other mental health blog as I will be talking about my own story, others stories, how you can build yourself a lifestyle of positive living, and how you can deal with challenges presented by anxiety, depression, fears of the future and regrets of the past.

About Redesign Your Mind – The Mental Health Blog

Redesign Your Mind – The Mental Health Blog is the way I will get out to as many people as possible – spreading the word of positive living and helping people understand that you are not alone in your journey towards beating your mental health challenges.

To maintain positive mental health is becoming increasingly challenging to manage in the world we live in – and unfortunately there are not enough real life stories that people can relate to and draw inspiration from. Redesign Your Mind is a mental health blog with a positive mindset – to help you understand the ways you can change and develop your mind, and ultimately use your mind to live a more positive lifestyle.

About My Book РRedesign Your Mind 

My book, Redesign Your Mind is here to help you find inspiration and tools to work on your mental health. My book is about my story and talks about some of the challenges I faced with anxiety, depression and a negative mindset. Click on one of the links below to find out more and purchase the book through Amazon.

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A portion of every sale will be donated to mental health organisations, helping end the stigma of mental health and helping future generations with positive mental health. If your country is not listed, please contact me to receive a unique link to purchase the book.