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Created by Stefan Miraglia, Author of Redesign Your Mind: Tools and Inspiration for Positive Mental Health

Hi, I am Stef and welcome to my mental health and wellness blog. This is my site which is dedicated to helping you on your journey towards positive mental health. We are all on our own journey to find lasting happiness. But how do we get there? In a world with so many challenges it is easy to lose your way and allow negative thinking, anxiety and depression to set in. I know because I have been there. redesign your mind mental health bookWhether you want to smash anxiety, beat depression, create a positive mindset or learn to love your mental health – my wellness blog will have something in it for you. I spent years writing my self-help book, Redesign Your Mind: Tools and Inspiration for Positive Mental Health which is helping so many people on their journey to overcoming depression and anxiety, while finding more meaning in their lives. Click here to find out more about my book and find out if this is something that you want to read (or listen to) to help you on your journey.

The Podcast – Redesign Your Mind

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Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Mental Illness and Well-being

These are all terms that get thrown around which I would like to explain for anyone who is not sure of what they are experiencing at the moment.

  • Anxiety: This is fear of the future. Uncertainty, fear of failure, fear of loss are all big key players here.
  • Depression: This is regret or sadness for something that happened in the past. It could also be brought on by a gloomy outlook on the future or current situation. You may have had loss, or something in your mindset that has changed and potentially caused you to feel this way.
  • Mental Health: This is the overall sense of your feelings. Is your mind healthy? Are you looking after your mental health just like you should look after your physical health? There are activities and practices you can do to help improve your mental health.
  • Mental Illness: This is when you are suffering from poor mental health. It may have just came about without warning, or there may have been something that happened to bring about this mental illness. You can get help, and remember that it is always ‘ok to not be ok’.
  • Well-being: This is the art of living well. It is about your overall sense of happiness and what you are doing to achieve this level of happiness. Are you eating well, sleeping well, exercising, practicing positive thoughts, engaging in positive activities with other positive people?

The Mental Health Blog

Building on the above, I also write on my mental health blog on WordPress to help explain more about how we can improve our mental health and how I address these challenges. You can click here to go to the blog page and check out some of my posts. You can also contact me on Insta @redesignyourmindblog or on Facebook – Redesign Your Mind for regular updates and posts about anxiety, depression, mental health, and building a positive mindset.

Positive Mindset Coaching Sessions

I also offer my positive mindset coaching sessions which can help you on your journey to redesign your mind. Click here to find out more about how these sessions can help you and how much it will cost per session.

Redesign Your Mind – the Self-help book to improve your mental health.

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