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A wellness blog to help you beat anxiety and depression, build a positive mindset and live a happy life.

Welcome to my blog which is all about building a positive mindset. My name is Stef and after facing challenges with mental health, I decided to do everything I can to build a positive mindset and deal with the challenges of anxiety and depression. Our mental health is an important part in living a happy life, and as a result  I am continuously learning and searching for new ways to help me on my journey. So here is my mental health blog – for you, and me, to help us all on our journey to lasting happiness. Never miss a post by subscribing to the blog by filling out the form on this page!

What is Mental Health and why is it important?

So a lot of people often ask what is mental health and why is it so important? To me, mental health is all about having a healthy mindset that empowers you to do the things that you want to do – which sounds pretty simple; but for some of us it’s easier said than done. Anxiety, depression, fear of failure, worry, doubt, the past and the future are all things that get in the way of a healthy mind and good mental health. Most of us never learnt the necessary coping skills to deal with these challenges – which leaves us feeling powerless when the bad times come along. But the good part is that there is something we can do to make a difference! Start by reading about my story to find out how and why I am on this journey of positive living and well-being.

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